The Live P.A.T.H (August)

A complete marriage restoration LIVE course to help you open real communication, lessen tension and change the story leading to your spouse leaving so you can r

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What's the Live P.A.T.H Course?

A 10 Hour In-Depth LIVE Course With Experts Guiding Every Step Along The Way.

You'll get hours of LIVE video training and 24/7 email support so that you can effectively save your marriage.

A Step-By-Step Process to open up communication with your spouse so you get them to stop divorce and fall back in love with you.
After working with thousands of couples, we've found that there are certain commonalities that draw couples together and pushes them apart. You will learn exactly what to do to get your spouse back in home with you.
International Marriage Experts Shows You The Fastest Way To Get Your Spouse Back

Get 24/7 email support and live classes teaching you everything you need to get your spouse back fast.

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This program will be priced at $1,500 after the launch because it includes 24/7 express email support & live classes.

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Your Instructor

Heather Choate & Marc Johnston
Heather Choate & Marc Johnston

International Marriage Experts, Marc Johnston and Heather Choate, help save marriages where one spouse is checked out of the relationship. Their proven step-by-step system is designed to help you reconnect with your spouse quickly and create the thriving marriage you crave. Whether you need to improve communication, restore trust, deepen intimacy or renew commitment, High Thrive Coaching will help you get there fast and guide you on how to make those changes last. Life is short and time is precious. Above all, you and your marriage are worth it!

Two years ago, we (Marc Johnston and Heather Choate) came together to create a program that would truly transform people’s marriages and lives. We believe marriage is the basic foundation of happiness and fulfillment in life and it is worth every effort to preserve, protect and sustain. We were heartbroken to the state of suffering so many couples go through in their marriages and wanted to make a real, lasting difference.

That’s when High Thrive Marriage Workshop was really born.

We started pouring hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars and years of intellectual, spiritual and emotional bandwidth… and we’ve distilled everything down into a streamlined process, that you can now access, use and implement to achieve connection, better communication, increased intimacy, restore and build trust, security and consistency, and, more than anything else, create a marriage and life you can be proud of.

We have each gone through our own personal challenges and have applied the principles and practices we teach into our lives and they have not only transformed us personally, but also the numerous clients we’ve had the privilege to serve. If we were to put a price tag on the journey you’ve just embarked upon, based upon the improvement it will have in your marriage and life, that number would be in the millions.

Frequently Asked Questions

While the situation becomes more difficult after a filing it doesn’t mean that it is the end. MANY of our clients are in the divorce process.
It does however, mean that time is critical and you need all the tools available to help you patch this delicate situation. Even if your spouse has filed for divorce there is still hope if:
-You have regular contact of any sort
-You are still living in the same home or see each other at least several times a month

We actually recommend spouses go through the course on their own, even if they are wanting to do it together. The reason is, you need to take full responsibility for your part in the relationship and you can only do that on your own.
For many of our students, their spouse would be unwilling to do the course anyway and asking them to do so will only push them further away.
It is absolutely possible to save your marriage on your own. You can greatly alter the atmosphere of the relationship and in doing so, draw your partner back to you.

Traditional counseling meets once per week for 45 minutes up to 90 (if you’re lucky). We realize that if things aren’t going well in your marriage, the situation warrants more attention and more effort.
We ALWAYS give actionable steps and detailed plans on how to fix just about any problem, and unlike traditional counseling, we have specific overarching plans on how to go from any problem to a thriving marriage.

This is normal and expected.
Making positive changes alone is NOT ENOUGH.
It is critical you start doing it right away.
You need to change the story your spouse has justifying their reasons for leaving with our proven P.A.T.H. method.

Wins from our Clients!


"I've had some positive interactions and it seems like we're getting back to where we were before! I feel like I have the community and support I need! This program has helped me grow!"

Kimberly Finney
She's changing her internal story and her marriage!